FCA Cubed 1.6

(C) Mike Sweetser

Installation instructions:
Please unzip the downloaded ZIP file to the NEWPLUGS folder which is right inside your TNM 7 SE folder. Then start up TNM to install the plugin.

TNM 7 FCA Cubed Plugin - lets you create new match types. Unzip it in the NEWPLUGS folder and look at the README.TXT file !

The FCA Cubed package contains four items:

* the FCA Cubed match plugin
* the FCA Cubed match editor plugin
* an export file with three FCA Cubed matches
* this readme

Unzip this ZIP file in the NEWPLUGS directory of your TNM7 folder, then run TNM7. Install the two plugins you are given as prompted.

In order to use the FCA Cubed match plugin, you will need to import or create FCA Cubed matches. This package comes with an export file with three matches already premade for your use:

* Hell In A Cell
* Barroom Brawl (created by James F'n X)

To use these, run the FCA Cubed Match Editor from inside TNM7, select Import, then import FCAEDIT.EXP. This should import the three matches into your TNM7.

To run the FCA Cubed match plugin, you will need TNM7 Build 3 or higher.

Run the FCA Cubed match plugin as you would any other match plugin. When the time comes on your card for the FCA Cubed match, it will ask you which match you would like to run. Select the desired match from the box and press Enter.

To modify the FCA Cubed matches or to create your own, use the FCA Cubed match editor. The three matches included are good examples of what is possible with FCA Cubed, and there will be more added on in the weeks and months to come, as more people extend the limits of this package.

A few notes that may help you:

  • Props are foreign objects, more or less, with more options. They could be a turnstile, a table, a wall, whatever.
  • The difference between moving a prop and relocating it is that when a prop is moved, its location is changed *within the same location*. For instance, moving the ringsteps at ringside would be moving the prop. Relocating the prop is basically the same, but also being able to move the prop from location to location. For instance, taking a chair from ringside into the stands would be relocating it.
  • Falls count anywhere - if this is off, then falls will only be counted inside the ring. Otherwise, anything goes.
  • Starting location - where will the match start? This is great if you want a match to start in the parking lot or something. Also, by starting a match somewhere other than the ringside or ring areas and never linking to those two areas, you can make sure that the match never makes it to the ring, such as a fight somewhere other than the arena.
  • Links - how a wrestler gets from one location to another. Two ways a wrestler can be transported from one location to another is either through links or by an action. If the wrestlers can simply brawl from one location to another, create a link between those two locations. Two notes:
    • Make sure that you create the link both in the first location AND in the second location, or it'll be a one-way link. In other words, if you made a link from A to B and not from B to A, the wrestlers couldn't brawl from B to A.
    • If you want the wrestlers to get from location to location any other way than "A and B brawl into location C", then use an action.
  • Actions - this is the meat of the program. If you want a wrestler to toss his opponent into a wall, or to flush his head down a toilet, or to be eaten by a tiger, use an action to describe it. Some notes:
    • If you want the action to end a match, simply enter -1 for the damage the action will cause.
    • If you want the action to actually give a wrestler strength back, enter a negative number for the damage (except -1, see above)
    • The odds of the action mean that if the action is possible in that area, how many times out of 100 would it happen? For example, if you were at a gumball machine, what would be the odds of you putting a quarter in?

If you have any bugs, questions, information, or help in updating this file with more helpful tips, feel free to email HABI at the email below.


Some people have reported problems using Win98 and a drive set for FAT32. If you have Win98 and are having problems using the filebox (in importing and exporting matches), put this in TNM.CNF:

The program will then ask you where the file is located. Be sure to enter the filename and its path correctly or the program may crash!

Thanks for using FCA Cubed!

Mike Sweetser
Head Programmer, Hellfire & Brimstone, Inc.

Last updated: August 9, 2020