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TNM 7 Second Edition - Build 8 For DOSBOX, Trial Version

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Please save the download to your hard disk, extract it from there and run it.


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TNM 7 SE Build 8 For DOSBOX wraps the latest
TNM 7 SE binaries in the DOS emulator DOSBOX.

It is now possible again to run Windows-based

Just unzip the ZIP file to a folder anywhere
and run the file TNM.BAT to start up TNM 7 SE.
Your anti-virus program may attempt to block
you from running TNM.BAT due to it being part
of a download. If this happens, please click
"More Information" which will permit you to run
TNM anyway.

Download TNM 7 Second Edition - Build 8 For DOSBOX, Trial Version Now



· TNM 7 SE Build 8
  (For Windows 7/8/10)
· TNM 7 SE Build 6
  (Virtual Machines/
  Windows XP)
· Wrestler Export Files
···································· Plugins:
· Personality Wizard
· Circuit Editor SE
· Circuit History
· Crowd Chant Editor
· Database Cleaner
· Interview Integrator
· Ratings Editor
· Special Move Wizard
· Theme Music Wizard
· TweakCirc SE 3
· Vis. Image Wizard
· Weight Class Wizard
  ·································· · All Above Plugins

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