TNM 7 SE Enhancement Talent Generator 2.0

(C) Oliver Copp

Installation instructions:
Please unzip the downloaded ZIP file to the NEWPLUGS folder which is right inside your TNM 7 SE folder. Then start up TNM to install the plugin.

The Enhancement Talent Generator plugin lets you quickly create a whole batch of wrestlers for use as enhancement talent or - as of version 2.0 - fully-fleshed-out wrestlers as regular wrestlers.

Imagine how much time you can save if you don't have to manually create enhancement talent - or "jobbers" - one by one.

With the Enhancement Talent Generator, all you need to do is tell the plugin how many wrestlers you need. Limit them to one gender - or don't. Limit them to one geographic region - or don't.

Once you hit "Generate Wrestlers", they will be created instantaneously.

If you're unhappy with some, generating new versions of these wrestlers is as easy as clicking their records and selecting "Generate Wrestlers" again.

All names and locations are specific to the regions you select.

The wrestlers created will have all stats set to 1.

Their move sets will comprise of a selection of low-impact moves actual wrestlers from your wrestler database use. That means every enhancement wrestler will be different.

And since the 1.2 update, you can change the value range used for the wrestlers' four main attributes, as well as the damage range in which the moves selected for their movesets will be and even the number of moves assigned.

Last updated: August 9, 2020