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Edition Name TNM 7 SE
Silver Edition
Gold Edition
Ultimate Edition
TNM 7 Second Edition Build 13
Registered Version
Special Move Wizard
Customize the name of any move for any wrestler
Circuit History
Find your next feuds by analyzing wrestler records
Weight Class Wizard
Create weight classes, brands, style-specific titles and more
Database Cleaner
Rid your TNM of unused moves, dives, and managers in one step
Wrestler Comparison Wizard
Visually compare wrestlers in export files and your database
Ratings Editor SE
Modify any entry in your circuit's wrestler rankings
Enhancement Talent Generator
Quickly create a bunch of random wrestlers
Export File Wizard
Keep your databases clean by taking full control over importing
NEW: Import TNM Tournament Edition wrestler export files!
Entrance Music Wizard
Scans your databases for damaged and imcompatible music files;
Convert and fixes them so they can be used in TNM 7 SE
TNM Battle Royal Stat Master
Create statistics for all your Battle Royals and Royal Rumbles
Crowd Chant Editor
Unlimited different crowd chants per wrestler - face, heel, and neutral
Wrestler Personality Wizard
Give wrestlers unlimited crowd interactions - face, heel, and neutral
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