TNM Reference Move Database

List of all moves officially part of TNM

Moves are what makes matches flow in TNM. They are the backbone of the simulator, and great care has been taken to curate and update this list of moves over the years. All moves which are part of the TNM Reference Move Database are checked, recalibrated and updated regularly by TNM UK's Peter Abram and TNM creator Oliver Copp to ensure matches flow as well as is possible.

You can trust export files created and released by TNM UK or TNM7.COM to be up the same standards as the moves in this reference database but the same isn't necessarily true for moves created by third parties.

MoveUsed in the following exports (not an exhaustive list)Additional Notes
450 elbowdropJohnny Impact (Friday Night Delight)
450 splash Also known as the Firebird Splash.
6-1-9Brian Cage, Flip Gordon, Peyton Royce, Rey Misterio, Ricochet, Will Ospreay
abdominal stretch
Ace CrusherFenix, Homicide, Jeff Hardy (Twist of Fate), Santana, TK O'RyanAlso known as a cutter.
achilles tendon hold
Air Raid CrashDavid Finlay, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus (White Noise), Tommaso Ciampa
Air Raid Crash neckbreakerJoey Janela, Kazuchika Okada (Reverse Neckbreaker)Previously in database as Air Raid Crash onto the knee.
airplane spin
Alpamare WaterslideMark Davis Added 25 April 2021
Anaconda Vice
ankle lock
Argentine facebusterMarty Scurll, Ortiz
Argentine neckbreakerBrian Cage, Kevin OwensPreviously in database as torture rack neckbreaker.
arm grapevine
arm trap neckbreakerJinder Mahal, Nikki Cross, Sasha Banks, William Regal (Union Jack Neckbreaker)
arm triangleEdge (Anti-Venom)Also known as a head-and-arm choke.Added 6 July 2020
arm twist ropewalk chopLance Archer, The Undertaker (Old School)
arm twist side kickAnna Jay Added 22 August 2020
arm wringer
arm-and-leg-trap snap suplexDeonna Purrazzo (Pendulum) Added 8 August 2020
armbar takedown
armdrag takedown
armlock hammerlock submission Also known as the kimura or elbow submission.
armlock leglock submission
Asai headbuttHumberto Carrillo Added 3 April 2020
Asai huracanranaChris Bey, Lio Rush Added 2 May 2020
Asai leg lariatMatt Taven, Rob Van Dam, Sabu
Asai moonsault
Asai moonsault into an inverted DDTAJ Styles
AtaxiaAustin Theory Added 16 May 2020
atomic drop
Aztecan suplex
Baba chop Baba's top-down chop to the crownAdded 1 September 2020
back elbow Being phased out as this is part of everybody's repertoire and it is unnecessary to include in movesets. Besides, there is a text string to the effect of "Wrestler x hits wrestler y with an elbow" in matches.
back fistAJ Styles, Asuka, Eddie Kingston (Back Fist to the Future), Hideo Itami, Kairi Hojo/Sane, Matt Riddle, Rezar, Trent Seven
back heel kick
back suplex
back suplex into a knee smashJoaquin Wilde Added 13 February 2021
back suplex into a lung blowerDavid Finlay, SHOAlso known as the Lumbar Check (Cedric Alexander).Added 23 August 2020
back suplex into a neckbreakerJey Uso Added 24 February 2021
back suplex into an elbowdropVinny Marseglia
backdrop Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
backdrop driver
backflip cradle
backflip headscissorsAlicia Fox, Cedric Alexander, Matt Jackson, Ricochet, Will Ospreay
backpack stunnerEddie Edwards, Ryback
backspin DDT Also known as a floatover DDT.
backward bridge Also known as the Backlund Bridge.Added 1 September 2020
backward kick Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
basement dropkick Dropkick to an opponent on the mat.
basement knee strike Added 7 October 2020
basement superkickMultipleA superkick to a grounded opponentAdded 15 November 2020
belly-to-back side slamAlex Riley, Ember Moon, Nick Aldis, Roman Reigns
belly-to-back superplex
belly-to-back suplex
belly-to-belly superplex
belly-to-belly suplex
block buster suplex off the top ropeBandido
BlockbusterBobby Roode, Flip Gordon (springboard Blockbuster), Naomi, Seth Rollins, Su Yung
Bloody SundayJay White
Blue Thunder BombBaron Corbin, Christopher Daniels, John Cena, Matt Taven, Nick Miller, Sami Zayn
BomayeKota Ibushi
boot chokeMultiple
Boston crab
bow-and-arrow submission
brain buster
brain buster onto the kneeAdam Cole, David Finlay, Marty Scurll
bridging armbar
bridging back suplex
bridging cradle suplexBea Priesley
bridging Exploder suplexHomicide Added 5 Feb 2020
bridging fallaway slam
bridging pumphandle suplexAdam Page
Bronco BusterCarmella, Hanson, Lacey Evans, Rey MysterioShould only be assigned as a Cross-Corner Move or Corner Move.
bulldog chokeJon Moxley Added 24 February 2021
Burning HammerBrian Cage
Calf CrusherAJ Styles
camel clutch
Canadian backbreaker
Canadian neckbreakerRandy Orton Added 3 April 2020
cannonball sentonJuice Robinson, Kevin Owens, Kongo Kong, Matt Jackson, Rusev, Shane Thorne, Travis BanksShould only be assigned as a Cross-Corner Move or Corner Move.
Capoeira kick
capture suplexJason JordanPreviously in database as leg capture suplex.
cartwheel kick
charging axhandle bodyblock
Chemical Imbalance IIMatt Sydal Added 25 September 2020
Chicago SkylineColt Cabana Added 9 Feb 2020
chin checkerKenny King Added 13 February 2021
chinlock deathlock submission
choke against the ropes
choke breaker
choke lift
choke slam 28 Feb 2020 - checked can be done through tables
choke sleeper Also known as the rear naked choke.
clawhold 23 March 2020 - checked pinfall attempt while in hold, checked move should be sold, removed low blow from default counters and replaced with kneelift (low blow added as heel-specific counter)
cobra clutch
cobra clutch slamKory Chavis, Ted DiBiase (Jr.)
cobra clutch suplex
Come UpLio Rush Added 2 May 2020
corkscrew diving somersault cutterNick Jackson
corkscrew legdropJohnny Impact, Rob Van Dam
corkscrew neckbreakerJohn Morrison (Moonlight Drive), Matt Jackson, Vanessa Borne
corner forearm smashMultipleShould only be assigned as a Cross-Corner Move or Corner Move.
corner sitout power bombCody DeanerShould only be assigned as a Cross-Corner Move or Corner Move.
Cradle DDT Also known as a fisherman DDT.
cradle piledriverBJ Whitmer, Marty Scurll
cradle suplex
cradle TombstoneAdam Page (Cracker Barrel)
Crash Thunder BusterAJ Styles, Jushin Liger, Roderick Strong
cross armbreakerBecky Lynch, Isami Kodaka, Joseph Conners, Matt Riddle, Nikki Bella, Pete Dunne, Shayna Baszler, Shinsuke Nakamura, SHO
cross-body block Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
cross-face chicken wing
cross-face submissionAdam Cole, Cesaro, Danny Burch, Ember Moon, Flip Gordon, Jason Jordan, Joey Janela, John Cena, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Taiji Ishimori, The Rock, Travis Banks, Triple H
crotch flipJoey Ryan Added 19 Jan 2020.

13 Feb 2020 - added punch and kick to the head as default counters.
crotch slam
crucifix driverJohnny GarganoPreviously in the database as high speed crucifix driver.
Curb StompTaya Valkyrie
cut-throat lung blowerJohn Silver Added 2 May 2020
cyclone kickDominik Dijakovic, Kassius Ohno Added 28 Feb 2020
cyclone knee strikeChris Bey Added 2 May 2020
Death Valley Driver
Death Valley Driver into the turnbucklesAkam, Hiromu Takahashi, Joey Janela, Rezar
DesnucadoraDragon Lee Added 5 February 2021
Diamond DustChase Owens, Masato Tanaka
Discus lariatBrian Cage, Drew Gulak, Eric Young, Evil, Joe Coffey, Johnny Gargano, Killian Dain, Natalya, Neville, Tommaso Ciampa, Trent Seven, Vinny Marseglia
Discus PunchChuck Palumbo, Mojo Rawley
diving back elbowBayley, Chris Jericho
diving cutterKyle Fletcher Added 25 April 2021.
diving elbowdropDean Ambrose, Matt HardyOpponent must be on their feet.
diving elbowsmashKairi Hojo/Sane (Kabuki Elbow)
diving enzuigiriEthan Page
diving European uppercutCesaro, David Finlay, Erick Rowan/Rowan, Joey Janela, Shane Thorne, Tyler Bate, Viktor, Zack Sabre Jr.
diving FlatlinerJohnny Gargano
diving flip piledriverAdam Cole (Panama Sunrise)
diving headbutt Not performed off the turnbuckles.
diving inverted lung blowerEmber Moon, Tessa Blanchard (Magnum)Also known as a diving Codebreaker. 11 Jan 2020 - checked ref bump
diving MeteoraAleister Black, Buddy Murphy, Hiromu Takahashi, Sasha BanksOpponent must be on their feet.

Previously in the database as flying double knee attack.
diving overhead legdropAce Austin, John CenaOpponent must be on their feet.
diving reverse neckbreakerThe Blade Added 1 Jan 2020.
diving sentonHiromu TakahashiOpponent must be on their feet.
diving shoulderblock
Doctor Bomb Also known as a gutwrench power bomb.
double arm DDTDrew McIntyre, Mick Foley
double armbar submission
double chicken wing facebusterBeth Phoenix (Glam Slam), Bianca Belair, Dean Ambrose, Konnor, Ryusuke Taguchi (Dodon)
double chicken wing gutbusterTJP (Clutch Dagger)
double chicken wing submission Also known as an elevated double chicken wing.
double foot stompMultiple 18 March 2020 - checked can be done outside ring, unchecked double team follow up move
double knee armbreakerDeonna Purrazzo Added 8 August 2020
double kneepatMatt Riddle, Sarah Logan, Sasha Banks, Taiji Ishimori, William Regal, Zack Ryder
double knife edge chopKairi Sane, No Way Jose
double leg cradle
double leg slamCody (Alabama Slam), Kairi Sane, Nikki Bella, Tama Tonga
double leg-hook
double reverse chinlock
double underhook backbreaker
double underhook faceslam
double underhook inverted lung blowerEpico ColonAlso known as a double underhook Codebreaker
double underhook piledriver
double underhook shoulderbreaker
double underhook superplex
double underhook suplex
double-arm choke slamBaron Corbin, Luke Gallows (Gallows Pole), Mark HenryAlso known as the Chokebomb.
double-axhandle chop
double-axhandle to the back
dragon ranaRobbie Eagles
dragon screw
dragon sleeper 11 March 2020 - changed damage from 150 to 50.
dragon suplex
dragon whipJey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Shelton Benjamin
draping DDTCody, Danny Burch, Hangman Page, Kazuchika Okada, Laurel Van Ness, Randy Orton, Tommaso Ciampa
drop-down uppercutCody, Dustin Rhodes
dropkick from the second rope
dropkick to the back of the head A basement dropkick to the back of the head of a grounded opponent. No counters and not blockable.
dropkick to the knee
duck-down move Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
Dynamite PlungerHiromu Takahashi
elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle
electric chair dropTitus O'Neil
electric chair facebusterJohn Cena
electric chair into a lung blowerTeddy Hart
electric chair neckbreaker
elevated power bombKota Ibushi, Punishment Martinez, The Undertaker (Last Ride)
Emerald FlowsionBeer City Bruiser, Kongo Kong, Marty Scurll
enzuigiri to the face
European clutchZack Sabre Jr.
European uppercut
Exploder suplexMultiplePreviously in database as T-Bone suplex.
Exploder suplex into the turnbuckles
eye gouge
F-5Brian Cage
face-first piledriver
facebuster onto the kneeAiden English, Alexa Bliss, Enzo Amore, Nikki Bella, Tony Nese, Triple H
Falcon ArrowBaron Corbin, Bobby Fish, Fandango, Flip Gordon, Hideo Itami, Hiromu Takahashi, Joseph Conners, Punishment Martinez, Seth Rollins, Shane Thorne, Tony Nese, YOH
fallaway moonsault slamCameron Grimes (Collision Course) Added 16 Feb 2020
fallaway power bombBianca Belair, Big Show (Alley Oop)
fallaway slam
falling splash Also known as the Vader Bomb.
figure-four leglock
figure-four sleeper
fireman's carry
fireman's carry backbreakerAdam Page, Dash Wilder
fireman's carry dropBobby Lashley, Mojo Rawley
fireman's carry flapjackNo Way Jose, Tama Tonga
fireman's carry into a gutbusterDolph Ziggler, Heath Slater, Juice Robinson, Kevin Owens, Roderick Strong, Tony Nese, Will Ospreay
fireman's carry into a roundhouse kickNaomi
fireman's carry neckbreakerAdam Cole, AJ Styles, Hirooki Goto (Ushigoroshi)Previously in database as fireman's carry to knee neckbreaker.
fireman's carry spinebusterAiden English, Evil (Darkness Falls), Ortiz
fisherman buster
fisherman suplex
fist to the midsection
Flatliner into the turnbucklesAlex Shelley, Allie, Seth RollinsOnly assigned as a cross-corner move (counter to an oncoming opponent).Added 27 August 2020
flip Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
flip DDTWill Ospreay (Essex Destroyer)
flip piledriverFenix, Hiromu Takahashi, Nixon Newell, Petey Williams (Canadian Destroyer), Pentagon Jr., Raymond Rowe 7 Jan 2020 - changed max weight class difference to 3 from N/A

8 Jan 2020 - checked can be done outside ring and ref bump
flying armbarAsuka, Jack Gallagher, Matt Riddle, Shinsuke Nakamura, TJP, Zack Sabre Jr.
flying armdrag
flying axhandle
flying bodypress
flying bulldog
flying clothesline
flying cross body press
flying DDTEnzo Amore, Tommaso Ciampa
flying double foot stomp
flying dropkick
flying elbowdrop
flying fistdrop
flying FlatlinerBu Ku Dao Added 21 March 2021
flying forearm
flying headbutt
flying headscissors
flying hip attack Also known as a butt-bump.

Done when opponent is running.
flying huracanrana Also known as a Frankensteiner from the top rope.
flying knee strikeDaniel Bryan, Matt Riddle, Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakamura
flying kneedrop
flying lariat
flying legdrop
flying senton
flying shoulderblock
flying side kick
flying sitdown splash
flying somersault bodyblock
flying somersault legdrop Was previously in the database as a somersault legdrop.
flying somersault splash Also known as the Swanton Bomb.
flying spinning leg lariat
flying sunset flip
flying Thesz pressKalisto, Mickie James
flying Tomahawk Also known as a flying karate chop.
foot to chin jawbreakerBillie Kay, Chuck Taylor (Sole Food), Gail Kim (Eat Defeat), Juice Robinson, NaomiKnown as the Inverted stomp facebreaker on Wikipedia.
football tackle
forearm choke
forearm smash
forearm to the back
forward fireman's carry slamKillian DainAlso known as the Wasteland (Wade Barrett).
Frankensteiner driverKalisto
frog splash
front facelock
front facelock dropAiden English, Juice Robinson
front facelock STO
front slam
front-layout superplex
front-layout suplex
Fuji DropWorld Famous CB Added 17 March 2021
Fujiwara armbar
full nelson
full nelson faceslam
full nelson slamBobby Lashley, Erick Rowan/Rowan, Juice Robinson, Konnor, Randy Orton
Garvin Stomp
Gedo clutchGedo, Taichi
German suplex
Gibson cradleDarby Allin (Last Supper)
GloriaTetsuya Naito
Glorious BusterGiulia Added 16 July 2020
Glorious DriverGiulia Added 16 July 2020
Go 2 SleepMatt Riddle, RJ Singh, Scorpio Sky, SHINGOPreviously in the data as fireman's carry facebuster.
Go Home DriverKevin Owens
go-behind Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
Gorilla Press
Gory lock faceslamEli Isom, Shingo Takagi
Gory neckbreakerPeyton Royce
Gory SpecialBillie Kay, Drew Gulak, Epico/Epico Colon, Scott Dawson
Gory Special into a knee strikeTay Conti Added 25 September 2020
grounded octopus holdKip Sabian (Cruciatus Clutch) Added 19 April 2020
GTRTom Lawlor Added 21 July 2020
guillotine choke
gutbuster Also known as inverted backbreaker or stomachbreaker.
gutwrench flapjackEthan Page, Mandy RoseAlso known as an inverted gutwrench suplex.
gutwrench suplex
hair pull
half and half suplexEVIL, Sami Zayn
half Boston
half nelson backbreakerRoderick Strong
half nelson bulldogEdge (Winning Edge) Added 4 Feb 2020
half nelson suplexHarper/Luke Harper, Kota Ibushi, Priscilla Kelly, Zack Sabre Jr.
Halo BombElias
hammerlock inverted armbreakerPentagon Jr., TJP
hammerlock lariatChase Owens
handspring bodyblock Handspring into the ropes, ricochet back and hit the opponent's front with your back.Re-added 1 September 2020
handspring clothesline
handspring cutterFenix
handspring elbow
handspring enzuigiriCedric Alexander, Kalisto, Taiji Ishimori, Will Ospreay
handspring into a Frankensteiner
handspring knee strike
handspring moonsaultBianca Belair Added 15 March 2020
handspring stunnerLince Dorado
hangman rolling cutterTommaso Ciampa (Psycho Kutter) Added 14 March 2020
hangman rolling elbowsmashWill Ospreay (Chelsea Grin) Added 6 April 2021
head and arm suplexRaymond Rowe
head trap stompAce Austin
headbutt to the midsection
headlock driver
headlock takedown
headscissors driverNaomi
headscissors driver into the turnbuckleRuby Riott Added 3 April 2020
headscissors submission
headsmash into the turnbuckle
high cross body
high crotch suplexIlja Dragunov Added 14 January 2021
high knee
high speed sunset flipAlexa Bliss, Amazing Red, Fenix, Goldust, John Cena, Priscilla Kelly, Sami ZaynAlso known as a sunset flip power bomb or the Code Red.
hiptoss neckbreakerBuddy Murphy
hook kickWill Ospreay
huracanrana from the second ropeGoldust, Johnny Gargano, Ruby Riott
IconoclasmChristopher Daniels, CIMA, Mike Quackenbush
imploding sentonJungle Boy Added 6 July 2020
Indian deathlock
inside cradle
intercept dropkick Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!

This is a dropkick performed on a flying opponent.
intercept superkick Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!

This is a superkick performed on a flying opponent.
inverted atomic drop
inverted Boston crabColt Cabana (Chicago Crab) Added 9 Feb 2020
inverted brain busterKensuke Sasaki, Marty Scurll
inverted CloverleafCheerleader Melissa (secondary), Colt Cabana, Eddie Kingston
inverted DDT
inverted double leg slamDrew McIntyre
inverted Exploder suplexShinsuke Nakamura
inverted facelock backbreakerAndrade Almas, Ortiz, Tetsuya Naito, The Miz, TJPPreviously in the database as Inverted DDT onto the knee.
inverted headlock backbreakerRandy Orton
inverted lung blowerChris Jericho (Codebreaker), Kevin Owens, Nixon Newell, Pentagon Jr., Ricochet (Recoil), Su Yung, Taiji Ishimori 11 Jan 2020 - checked ref bump
inverted OverdriveMadison Rayne
inverted power bomb Also known as the Dominator or a Candian facebuster.
inverted scorpion deathlockEdge (Edgecator) Added 4 Feb 2020
inverted suplexJohn Cena, Ortiz, Santana, The Brian Kendrick, Xavier Woods, Zack Ryder
inverted swinging DDTAndrade Almas, James Storm (Swinging Noose)Select this as counter move in corner for the inverted tornado DDT.
jack-knife power bomb
JackhammerLuke Gallows, Velveteen DreamAlso known as suplex into a powerslam.
Japanese armdrag takedown
Japanese leg roll clutchZack Sabre Jr.
Jim Breaks armbarZack Sabre Jr.
Julie NewmarDalton Castle Added 7 October 2020
jumping clothesline
jumping DDT 5 Jan 2020 - unchecked opponent is running
jumping double kneedropAlexa Bliss Added 18 March 2020
jumping elbow thrust Wrestler takes a running start, jumps and hits his standing opponent with a front elbow.
jumping front kickMultipleAlso known as pump kick or bicycle kick.29 Feb 2020 - decreased damage from 80 to 50.
jumping heel kickTAKA Michinoku
jumping knee strikeMultipleAlso known as bicycle knee strike or V-Trigger.
jumping neck snap
jumping neckbreakerAdam Cole, Eric Young, Heath Slater, Johnny Gargano, Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, Tama Tonga, TJP, TK O'Ryan
jumping side kickLuchasaurus, Rob Van Dam
KamigoyeBuddy Murphy, Tom Lawlor Added 21 July 2020
karate chopThe Question Mark Added 13 Feb 2020
Ki KrusherJay White, Travis BanksAlso known as fisherman driver or Perfect Driver.
kick to the backMultiple
kick to the chestMultipleAlso known as a shoot kick.
kick to the face Opponent stands keeled over and you soccer kick him.
kick to the head
kick to the midsection
kick to the thigh
kick-off Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
knee chop blockJake Hager
knee pull-up Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
knee strikeMultiple
knee to the back
knee to the faceMultipleA straight knee strike where your knee moves upwards in an arc from a standing position.
kneeling headbutt
kneelock submission
knock-out punch
Koji clutchChristopher Daniels, Tetsuya Naito
koppo kick Also known as a rolling kick.
leaning pin Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!Added 27 April 2020

Created as a counter for the grounded octopus hold.
leaping double foot stompKofi KingstonThis is performed on a standing/running opponent.Added 3 April 2020
leaping overhead legdropAnthony Bowens Added 21 December 2020
leaping swinging DDTBrian Cage, Enzo Amore, Kalisto, Kevin Owens, Mustafa Ali, Nixon Newell, Tyler Breeze, Zack RyderPerformed off the turnbuckles.
leg hammerlock
leg lariat
leg scissors
leg scissors cross kneelockTetsuya Naito
legsweep faceslam
lifting inverted DDTEthan Page, Finn Balor, Will OspreayErroneously assigned as Michinoku Driver II-B previously.
Liger Bomb Also known as a sitout power bomb.
Listo kickJohnny Gargano, Kalisto
low blow
low blow kick in the cornerDustin RhodesShould only be assigned as a Cross-Corner Move or Corner Move.
lung blowerMultiple 19 Jan 2020 - Changed default counters to 1.) side step and 2.) elbowsmash
mandible clawBray Wyatt Added 8 March 2020
MeteoraBuddy Murphy, Hiromu TakahashiOpponent must be on the mat.
Mexican armdrag takedown
Mexican hiptoss Fast lucha variant of the hiptoss.Re-added 1 September 2020
Michinoku Driver
MisticaTaiji IshimoriWas previously in the database as a spinning headscissors into a facebuster.Added 31 August 2020
Mongolian chopLow Ki
monkey flip
moonsault bodyblock
moonsault from the second turnbuckle
Mountain BombHiroyoshi Tenzan, Sarah Logan
mounted elbowsmash
mounted punch
Muscle BusterCody
neck twistBray Wyatt Added 8 March 2020
neckbreaker onto the kneeJamie Hayter Added 16 July 2020
NezaFlamitaa double underhook lift into a lung blowerAdded 12 January 2021
Northern Lights bombAl Snow (Snow Plow), Steve Corino
Northern Lights suplex
Ocean Cyclone SuplexCIMA, Frankie Kazarian, Michael Elgin
octopus hold
Oklahoma side rollMultiple
Olympic slamApollo Crews, Kurt Angle (Angle Slam), Roderick Strong, Shane McMahon, Sin CaraPreviously in database as Angle Slam.
open-handed chopMultiple
Orange Crush BombDean Ambrose, Kassius Ohno, Marty Scurll, Pete Dunne (X-Plex)
over-the-shoulder reverse piledriverFenix (Fire Thunder Driver), Hanson, TK O'Ryan, WALTERPreviously in the database as inverted piledriver. Also known as the Rikishi Driver.
over-the-shoulder stomachbreakerJungle KyonaAlso known as a Canadian backbreaker gutbuster.
over-the-top stunnerDarby Allin
overhead belly-to-belly suplexMultiple 13 Feb 2020 - added earringer as counter for brawler.
overhead choke suplexBrodie Lee, Lance ArcherWas previously in the database as a throat suplex.Added 23 March 2020
overhead snap belly-to-belly suplex into the turnbucklesHiromu Takahashi, Johnny GarganoOnly assigned as a cross-corner move (counter to an oncoming opponent).
package piledriverEthan Page, PCO
package power bombDante Martin Added 29 December 2020
package shoulderbreakerMaxwell Jacob Friedman
palm blow
PedigreeSeth Rollins Added 3 April 2020
Pele kickMultiple
pendulum facebusterAlex Zayne Added 7 November 2020
People's ElbowThe Rock
Phoenix SplashKota Ibushi, Neville, Ricochet, Seth Rollins, Tyler Bate, Will OspreayAlso known as a corkscrew 450 splash.
Phoenix-PlexDragon Lee
pinning power bombNick AldisThis move was created as a workaround in order to give wrestlers the possibly to hit a double power bomb spot for their combo. Please note that it is impossible to arrange for a wrestler to hit the same move twice in succession. If you select the same move for setup and follow-up in a combo, it will cause an infinite loop until the move is countered.
pop-up cutterTen Added 23 May 2020
pop-up elbowsmashWillie Mack
pop-up European uppercutCesaro
pop-up gutbusterRoderick Strong
pop-up headbuttMance Warner, Sarah Logan Added 17 April 2020
pop-up knee strikeAsuka, Kip Sabian, Luchasaurus, T-Hawk 23 May 2020 - changed style specific counters to be closer to those for hiptoss.
pop-up power bombHiromu Takahashi, Kevin Owens
pop-up powerslamLars Sullivan, Wardlow
pop-up Samoan DropJacob Fatu Added 19 April 2020
power bomb
power bomb backbreakerPentagon Jr.This is a power bomb onto the knee.
power bomb into a lung blowerSHOAlso known as Project Ciampa (Tommaso Ciampa).
powerslam into the turnbucklesJake CristOnly assigned as a cross-corner move (counter to an oncoming opponent).
powerslam off the second ropeJungle Kyona Added 16 July 2020
Psycho DriverPunishment MartinezPreviously in the database as torture rack into a piledriver.
pumphandle backbreakerErick Rowan/Rowan, Jay White, Kenny Omega, Roderick Strong
pumphandle cutterPJ Black
pumphandle Death Valley DriverErick Stevens Added 21 July 2020
pumphandle facebusterBrian Cage
pumphandle gutbusterAJ Styles
pumphandle half nelson driverPentagon Jr. (Pentagon Driver)
pumphandle neckbreakerKevin Owens, Marty Scurll
pumphandle piledriverTK O'Ryan
pumphandle powerslamRoyce Isaacs ($ign Me) Added 9 Feb 2020
pumphandle side slamBecky Lynch (Manhandle Slam)
pumphandle slam
pumphandle suplexBecky Lynch
Rack BombAJ Styles, Tommaso CiampaAlso known as an Argentine power bomb, or torture rack spun into a sitout power bomb.
RanheiKofi Kingston (S.O.S.)Also known as the Gannosuke Clutch.
release dragon suplexHiroshi Tanahashi, Jay White, Kenny Omega (Snap dragon), Tetsuya Naito, Trent Seven, Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr.
release German suplexMultiple
release German suplex into the turnbucklesPenelope Ford
release half nelson suplexKota Ibushi, Zack Sabre Jr.
release Northern Lights suplexBrawler Milonas, Eli Isom, Josh Woods
release tiger suplexRyusuke Taguchi, Tomohiro Ishii Added 30 August 2020
RetadorFlamitaa Muscle Buster into a codebreakerAdded 12 January 2021
reverse cradle Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
reverse diving bulldogSolo Darling (Candy Crunch) Added 23 April 2020
reverse figure-four leglockBecky Lynch, Cody, Scott Dawson
reverse flying elbowdrop
reverse FrankensteinerFenix, Johnny Gargano, Kenny Omega, Mustafa Ali, Taiji Ishimori, Tetsuya Naito, Will OspreayAlso known as a poisoned Frankensteiner.
reverse neckbreaker
reverse rolling cutterEmi Sakura, Tama Tonga(Tongan Twist)
reverse top rope FrankensteinerTetsuya Naito
reverse UshigoroshiHirooki Goto
Rings of SaturnHideo Itami, PAC
ripcord cutterTen Added 23 May 2020
Robinson SpecialWill Ospreay
Rocker Dropper
roll away Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
roll through Created as a counter hold for the choke sleeper.

Do not assign to movesets!
rolling clotheslineRich Swann, Ronda Rousey, Xavier Woods
rolling cradle Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
rolling cutterElias, Goldust (Cross Rhodes), Nixon Newell, Tama Tonga (inverted version)Previously in database as Spin Doctor.
rolling elbowsmash
rolling FlatlinerIsaiah Scott Added 19 April 2020
rolling frog splashRich Swann, Rob Van Dam
rolling front dropkickAustin Theory Added 16 May 2020
rolling reverse cradle
rolling reverse cradle into a bridge
Rolling ThunderRob Van Dam
rollover Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
rope hung cutterDanny Burch (Tower of London)
rope hung double underhook faceslamSu Yung
rope hung piledriverMaxwell Jacob Friedman, Sami Callihan, Teddy Hart
ropeflip armdragGran Metalik, Will Ospreay
ropeflip hiptoss
ropeflip moonsault
ropewalk FrankensteinerEl Phantasmo
ropewalk moonsault bodyblockLance Archer
Rough RyderRoman ReignsAlso known as a jumping leg lariat.Added 4 October 2020
roundhouse kick
roundhouse right
running back elbowBrian Cage, Eric Young, Kazuchika Okada, Lana, YOH
running basement cross bodyEmma, HansonOpponent must be on the mat.
running basement MeteoraBuddy Murphy, Sasha BanksOpponent must be on the mat.
running bootscrapeSamoa Joe (Facewash), Zack Ryder (Broski Boot)
running cross bodyAriya Daivari, Bray Wyatt, Killian Dain, Kongo Kong, Nikki CrossThis has a higher damage value than the high cross body and does not result in an automatic pinfall attempt.
running Curb StompKit Osbourne Added 22 July 2020
running double knee smashAndrade Almas, Taiji IshimoriOpponent must be on the mat.
running European uppercutAlexander Wolfe, Cesaro, David Finlay, Jay White, Kazuchika Okada, Marty Scurll, Ricochet, Travis Banks, Tyler Bate, Viktor, Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr.Opponent can be in any position.
running flying side kickA-Kid Added 17 April 2021
Running Forearm Smash
running FrankensteinerMultiple
running front dropkick 16 May 2020 - Unchecked Double Team Setup Move
running hip attackAsuka, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Nia Jax, TaminaSame hold as the butt-bump.
running knee strikeMultipleOpponent can be in any position.
running leaping headbuttTomoaki Honma
running neckbreaker drop Also known as a Western lariat.
running power bomb
running powerslam
running shoulderblockMojo RawleyAlso known as the Pounce (Monty Brown).
running single-leg dropkickAlicia Fox, Ember Moon, Hideo Itami, Isami Kodaka, Joey Janela, Karl Anderson, Kongo Kong, Neville, Roderick Strong (Sick Kick), Santana, Shinsuke Nakamura, Velveteen Dream
running somersault legdrop
running somersault neckbreakerKairi Hojo/Sane, Matt Taven, Zack Ryder
running throwing Snake EyesJohnny Gargano, Kota Ibushi
Russian legsweep
Saito suplexMultiple
Samoan DriverShinsuke Nakamura, Su Yung (Panic Switch), Trent SevenPreviously in database as the Moonlight Bomb.

Also known as the Cradle Shock (Chris Sabin).
Samoan Drop
savate kick
scissor kick
scorpion deathlock
scorpion kickDakota Kai, Ivelisse
seated armbarYuji Nagata
ShellshockAlex ShelleyAlso known as Sister Abigail (Bray Wyatt).Added 21 August 2020
Shining WizardMultiple
Shining Wizard to the back of the headEffy Added 15 November 2020
shooting star double knee smashAlex Zayne Added 7 November 2020
shooting star press
short arm scissors
short clothesline
short lariat
short-arm high kneeKenny Omega (Rain Trigger), Seth Rollins
shoulder jawbreakerAngelina LoveAlso known as the Franchiser (Shane Douglas) and the Bareback (Danny Doring).
shoulderblock to the midsectionMultipleOnly assigned as corner move(s).
side gutwrench driverMaster Wato Added 31 August 2020
side headlock
side kick to the midsectionMultipleThis is a kick to the midsection where the wrestler's body is positioned slightly differently to his opponent (side to face), rather than standing directly in front (face to face) and extend your leg into their stomach (think setup move for a power bomb). The counters are therefore different for this move.
side slamBobby Roode, Bray Wyatt, Cody, Erick Rowan/Rowan, Matt Hardy, Mike Kanellis, Samoa JoeI previously believed that the Soviet suplex was the same hold as The Rock's Rock Bottom. This is incorrect; the Rock Bottom is a side slam.
side slam backbreakerDavid Finlay, Sheamus (Irish Curse)The above confusion regarding the Soviet suplex/side slam let to me previously creating the Soviet suplex into a backbreaker. This has been replaced by the side slam backbreaker.

16 May 2020 - Unchecked "Double Team Setup Move" and checked "Double Team Move"
side step Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
side suplex This was Dino Bravo's finishing hold.
sidewalk slamBaron Corbin (Deep Six), Big Cass, Harper/Luke Harper, Rachael ElleringAlso known as the Black Hole Slam (Abyss) or Boss Man Slam (Big Boss Man). Note: WWF/E have been incorrectly calling a side suplex the sidewalk slam for years.
single arm DDT
single knee facebreakerCandice LeRae, Keira Hogan, Shawn Spears
single-leg basement dropkickAndrade Almas, Kassius Ohno, Kazuchika Okada, Neville, SHO, TK O'RyanOpponent must be on the mat.
single-leg takedown This is a drop toe hold.
single-leg takedown into a leglock
sitdown Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
sitdown faceslamBrie Bella (Bella Buster), Dolph Ziggler, Lana, Mustafa Ali (Rolling Thunder into a sitdown faceslam), Nikki Bella, Su YungAlso known as the X-Factor (X-Pac).
sitdown splashWALTER
sitout choke slamDamian Priest (South of Heaven), Dominik Dijakovic Added 28 Feb 2020
sitout full nelson bombBully Ray (Bully Bomb), Jimmy Uso, Naomi
Skayde Special into a superkickKylie Rae
sleeper slam Also known as the Edge-O-Matic.Added 19 Jan 2020
sleeper suplexJay White
SliceMatt Sydal Added 25 September 2020
sliced bread #2Diamante. Isami Kodaka, Matt Jackson, The Brian Kendrick, YOHAlso known as the Asai DDT or Shiranui.
slidedown Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
sliding FlatlinerEmber Moon, Xavier WoodsOpponent must be on the mat.
sliding forearm smashAJ Styles, Kairi Hojo/Sane, Nick MillerAlso known as the Sliding D; Opponent must be on the mat.
sliding knee strikeSarah Logan, Sonya DevilleOpponent must be on the mat.
sliding lariatBayley, Isami Kodaka, Joseph Conners, Matt Taven, Xavier WoodsOpponent must be on the mat.25 May 2020 - added Fujiwara armbar as counter for technician and shooter
Sling BladeEnzo Amore, Finn Balor, Gran Metalik (reverse Sling Blade), Hiroshi Tanahashi, Pentagon Jr., Seth Rollins, Vinny MarsegliaPreviously in database as sleeperhold reverse mat slam.
slingshot This is the slingshot shoulderblock.
slingshot atomic bombNatalya Added 24 February 2021
slingshot bodyblock
slingshot corkscrew splashCaleb Konley Added 13 Feb 2020
slingshot corner dropkickJeff Hardy, Sin Cara, Tetsuya NaitoOpponent must be on the mat.

Should only be assigned as a Corner Move.
slingshot cutter
slingshot double foot stomp
slingshot elbowdrop
slingshot facebuster Opponents standing, facing each other. Person doing the move lifts his opponent up in a vertical suplex, drops him on the top rope, turns around with him on the rebound and sits out with the guy's face being planted between the sat-out wrestler's legsRe-added 1 September 2020
slingshot into a DDTIvelisse, Johnny Gargano, Josepth Conners
slingshot into a headscissors takedownEl Ligero, Evan Bourne, Kodama, Louis Lyndon, Mistico, Pinkie Sanchez, Sonjay Dutt
slingshot into a release German suplexDanhausen Added 15 November 2020
slingshot into the turnbuckle
slingshot inverted lung blowerPetey Williams 11 Jan 2020 - checked ref bump
slingshot legdrop
slingshot sitdown faceslamNick Jackson
slingshot somersault lariatHangman Page (Buckshot Lariat)Previously in the database as slingshot clothesline.
slingshot somersault splash
slingshot spearJohnny Gargano, Juice Robinson
slingshot splash
slingshot stompAustin Theory Added 16 May 2020
slingshot suplexNikki Bella, Randy Orton, Scott Dawson
small package
Snake EyesBaron Corbin, Nia Jax, The Undertaker
snap DDTThe MizAlso known as the Pimp Juice DDT; Opponent must be on the mat.
snap mare
snap mare driverZachary Wentz
snap mare parallel kickIvelisse
snap suplex
soccer kickAkira Tozawa, Alexa Bliss, Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, Ivelisse, Kofi Kingston, Kyle O'Reilly, Montez Ford, Nixon Newell, Paige, Priscella Kelly, Seth Rollins, Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr.Previously in database as running kick to the head.
somersault overhead legdropAlex Zayne Added 7 November 2020
somersault slam
somersault splash
somersault splash from the second ropeHiroshi Tanahashi
Soviet suplex
Spanish FlyCedric Alexander, Fenix, Kalisto, Mustafa Ali, Will OspreayPreviously in database as moonsault side slam.
Spider German suplexTogi Makabe
spin kick
spinebuster bombD'Lo Brown (Sky High), Drew McIntyre, Titus O'Neil (Clash of the Titus), Zack Ryder
spinebuster slam
spinning Argentine neckbreakerEl Phantasmo
spinning back elbowAleister Black, Andrade Almas, Cedric Alexander, Dalton Castle, Nick Jackson, Peyton Royce
spinning back kickAleister Black (Black Mass), Fenix, Kofi Kingston
spinning back suplex
spinning backbreaker Also known as a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
spinning crucifix tossJames Storm (Eye of the Storm) Added 1 Feb 2020
spinning DDT Start off like a DDT, then the person performing it swings around and does the move. Michinoku Pro move.
spinning elbowdrop Like a regular elbowdrop, only you jump past your opponent, turn around and hit it.
spinning head dropFallah Bahh
spinning headlock elbowdropAndrade Almas, Big Show (Final Cut), Finn Balor, Hiroshi Tanahashi, YOH, Zack Ryder
spinning headscissors
spinning headscissors into a cradle
spinning headscissors into a Fujiwara armbarA-Kid Added 17 April 2021
spinning headscissors into a Russian legsweepPetey Williams, Vinny Marseglia
spinning heel kickMultipleThis move is performed when the wrestler is standing, the opponent can be running.
spinning inverted lung blowerMarko Stunt 11 Jan 2020 - checked ref bump
spinning leg lariat
spinning mule kick
spinning power bomb
spinning Samoan DropRonda Rousey
spinning takedownCain Velasquez, Jake Hager
spinning thrust kick Like a superkick, but a full revolution performed before thrusting forward. Popularised by Shinya Hashimoto in the 90s.
spinning toe hold
spiral tapTyler Bate, Will OspreayAlso known as the corkscrew (twisting) senton bomb.
splash from the second rope
Splash Mountain Also known as the Niagara Driver.
split legged legdropCandy Lee Added 28 November 2020
split legged moonsault
springboard 450 SplashAJ Styles, Flip Gordon, Ricochet
springboard armdrag
springboard axhandle
springboard back elbowGoldust, Gran Metalik, Sin Cara
springboard bulldogShelton Benjamin
springboard corkscrew body pressBandido, Darby Allin, Johnny Impact, Zachary Wentz
springboard cross body pressMultiple
springboard cutterWill Ospreay (Oscutter)
springboard DDT
springboard double foot stompDOUKI Added 10 August 2020
springboard dropkick
springboard elbowdropBrandon Cutler
springboard European uppercutCesaro, Ricochet
springboard forearm smashAJ Styles (Phenomenal Forearm), TJP, Will Ospreay (Pip Pip Cheerio)
springboard hip attackRyusuke Taguchi
springboard inverted lung blowerFrankie Kazarian, Marko StuntAlso known as a springboard Codebreaker. 11 Jan 2020 - checked ref bump
springboard knee strikeMatt Riddle, Seth Rollins
springboard lariatCedric Alexander, CM Punk, Hanson, Seth Rollins, Will Ospreay
springboard leaping swinging DDTBrian Cage, Kalisto, Sami Zayn
springboard legdrop
springboard moonsault
springboard Phoenix splashAlex Zayne Added 7 November 2020
springboard rana
springboard roundhouse kickCody (Disaster Kick), Matt Riddle, Naomi, Nikki Bella
springboard sitdown faceslamRey Mysterio, Taiji Ishimori
springboard Sling BladeFlip Gordon
springboard somersault dropkick
springboard somersault splash
springboard spearFlip Gordon
springboard spin kickFenix
springboard spinning leg lariat
springboard splash
springboard sunset flipCarlito, Christian, Mistico, Naomichi Marufuji, Paul London
springboard Thesz pressKalisto, Rey Misterio
springboard tornado kickJack Evans
springboard twisting moonsault
standing axe kickAlicia Fox, Kairi Sane, Kama, Kyle O'Reilly, Ricochet
standing corkscrew moonsaultKota Ibushi
standing corkscrew sentonWill Ospreay
standing moonsault
standing moonsault double kneedropAlexa Bliss Added 18 March 2020
standing shooting star pressApollo Crews, Flip Gordon, Gran Metalik, Hangman Page, Kota Ibushi, Montez Ford, Ricochet, Tyler Bate, Will Ospreay
standing short arm scissors
standing thrust spinebuster slamCandy Lee Added 28 November 2020
standing wheelbarrow facebusterMandy Rose
standing wristlock
step-up headscissorsAlex Zayne Added 7 November 2020
Stinger Splash Should only be assigned as a Cross-Corner Move or Corner Move.
STO backbreakerCharlotte Flair, Jay Lethal, Juice Robinson
Storm Cradle DriverIsaiah Scott (JML Driver) Added 19 April 2020
straight jacket triangle chokeDOUKIThis is Masato Yoshino's Sol Naciente.Added 8 August 2020
stretch mufflerDavid Finlay, Kairi Sane
Stretch PlumEddie Kingston, Taichi Added 9 August 2020
stunnerBayley, Nixon Newell, Su Yung
Styles ClashEl Phantasmo Added 6 January 2021
sunset backslide Starts as a sunset flip, ends as a backslideAdded 1 September 2020
Sunset DriverJimmy Havoc, Lacey EvansAlso known as the Axe Guillotine Driver or Beach Break.
sunset flip
Superman punchRoman Reigns
suspended dragon sleeperMayu Iwatani
swinging bulldog
swinging cutterJohn Cena
swinging DDTMultipleRenamed the Swinging DDT to a swinging DDT and added some more style-specific counters for this move. Select this as counter move in corner for the tornado DDT.
swinging elbowsmashWill Ospreay (Hidden Blade)
swinging fisherman suplexBritt Baker, BUSHISwinging fisherman neckbreaker is probably a better name.1 Jan 2020 - added fist to the midsection (Counter 1) and kneelift (counter 2)
swinging FlatlinerTen Added 23 May 2020
swinging gutbusterBray Wyatt
swinging leg hook fireman's carry slamBritt BakerThis is the Paige Turner or the Simonizer
swinging neckbreaker
swinging punch
swinging side slamRusev, TaminaThe above confusion regarding the Soviet suplex/side slam let to me previously creating the swinging Soviet suplex. This has now been replaced by the swinging side slam.
swinging sleeperholdJungle Kyona Added 16 July 2020
swinging spike DDTBeer City Bruiser, Luchasaurus, Velveteen Dream
swinging vertical suplexAce Austin, Jay White (Blade Buster), Josh Woods
takeover suplex
Texas CloverleafChad Gable, Dean Ambrose, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Sheamus, Tommaso Ciampa
Thesz press
throw-off Counter hold only - Do not assign to movesets!
thrust kick to the head
Thunder Fire Power Bomb
tiger driver
tiger suplex
tilt-a-whirl powerslam
tilt-a-whirl suplex Tilt-a-whirl suplex was originally called suplex, later slam. WCW vernacular. It's the same hold.
TKOFlip Gordon, Nikki Bella (Rack Attack 2.0), No Way Jose, Rhino, Sanada
Tombstone inverted lung blowerTaiji Ishimori
TomikazeChristian (Killswitch), Laurel Van Ness, Tyler Breeze (Unprettier), Zack Ryder
tomoe nageTay Conti Added 25 September 2020
top-rope DDT
top-rope DDT onto the turnbuckleTracy Williams Added 15 February 2021
top-rope Death Valley Driver Re-added 1 September 2020
top-rope dragon ranaAlex Zayne Added 7 November 2020
top-rope Frankensteiner
top-rope German suplex
top-rope gutbuster Re-added 1 September 2020
top-rope inverted DDT Re-added 1 September 2020
top-rope power bomb
top-rope Spanish FlyJohnny Impact
top-rope superkickFlip Gordon (Kinder Surprise)
top-rope swinging neckbreakerAdam Page
top-rope wheelbarrow Victory RollHiromu Takahashi
tornado kickAkira Tozawa, Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, Ivelisse, Nick Jackson, Punishment MartinezAlso known as Trouble in Paradise (Kofi Kingston).
tornado snap suplexSolo DarlingShould only be assigned as a Cross-Corner Move or Corner Move.Added 23 April 2020
tornado stun gunHideo Itami, KENTAShould only be assigned as a Cross-Corner Move or Corner Move.
torture rack
torture rack backbreakerAbyss (Shock Treatment), Bobby Lashley
torture rack into a double knee backbreakerXavier Woods
torture rack into a knee strikeBandido
toss suplexBray Wyatt, Cody, Drew McIntyre
triangle choke
Turbo BackpackRobbie Eagles
turnbuckle handstand FrankensteinerCarmella, Trish Stratus (Stratusphere) Added 3 April 2020
turnbuckle headscissorsSu YungShould only be assigned as a Cross-Corner Move or Corner Move.
turnbuckle power bombAkam, Brian Cage, Matt Jackson, Seth Rollins (Buckle Bomb)
TwisterTama Tonga (Dream Catcher)Also known as the Bromission (Matt Riddle).Added 16 August 2020
twisting diving cross body pressDustin Rhodes
twisting flying bodypressSadie GibbsAlso known as the Twisted Bliss (Alexa Bliss).Added 23 May 2020
twisting moonsault Also known as the Cancun Tornado.
twisting somersault splashQT Marshall Added 29 Feb 2020
Ura GTRHirooki Goto, Tom Lawlor
Ura ShoutenHirooki Goto
Vader attack
VertebreakerCody (Din's Fire), Homicide (Gringo Killa)
vertical suplex
vertical suplex into a reverse neckbreakerYOSHI-HASHI
vertical suplex into the turnbucklesAllie, Jay White, Jimmy Havoc
vertical suplex side slamHirooki Goto
vertical suplex stunnerR-Truth
Victory Roll
waistlock suplex
waistlock takedown
waterwheel dropEl Lindaman
wheelbarrow bulldogFandango, Sasha Banks, TJPCan be done when wrestler is running.
wheelbarrow FlatlinerBig Swole Added 4 March 2020
wheelbarrow neckbreakerEric Young Added 2 January 2021
wheelbarrow stunnerNaomiCan be done when wrestler is running.
wheelbarrow suplexEric YoungOpponent must be on the on mat; this move counters the reverse cradle.
whiplash neckbreakerBo Dallas, Hiroshi Tanahashi (Twist and Shout), Nikki CrossCan also be performed as a rope hung version.
Whisper in the WindJacob Fatu, Jeff Hardy, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso Added 19 April 2020
wristlock suplexBillie Kay Added 27 August 2020
Yakuza kick
Yokosuka cutterBobby Lashley, Braun Strowman 13 Feb 2020 - added sunset flip counter for technician and high flyer
Zig ZagKit Osbourne Added 22 July 2020