Which Version To Get

I see two different versions of TNM, Build 9 and Build 6. Which should I get?
Please always download the highest build number, UNLESS:
1) you are still running a Windows version which can run DOS-based programs. These are: Win7/XP (32-bit), WinME/98/95 (all versions) or DOS - or -
2) you are planning to run TNM within a virtual machine and the guest system is Win7/XP (32-bit), WinME/98/95 (all versions) or DOS.


I just downloaded the TNM 7 SE trial version. What do I do now?
If you downloaded "TNM 7 Second Edition Build 9" or higher: Just run the file you downloaded. A Windows-based installer will guide you through the process.

If you downloaded "TNM 7 Second Edition Build 8": Unzip the file you downloaded to a folder on your computer. You will end up with a folder called "tnm7se_build_XX_release". Navigate to that folder in the Explorer and run TNM.BAT.

If you downloaded "TNM 7 Second Edition Buld 6", unzip the file you downloaded and run the resulting file. This will launch the installer.


I'm looking to assign a theme to my wrestler but can't find it.
TNM 7 SE is being run inside an emulator called DOSBOX. The only files TNM can see are located within the TNM7SE folder and its subfolders - such as THEMES and EXPORTS - as well as files sitting in the folder C:\TNM_XCHG which is accessible from within TNM as the T: drive.

When you start up TNM, DOSBOX looks for the files present in these folders at the time of launch and these will be available to you.

Specifically this mean that if you copied a file to one of these folders after starting up TNM, it won't be visible to the program.

In this case, use {CTRL}+{F4} on your keyboard to instruct DOSBOX to refresh its list of files. Once you do that, TNM will be able to see the new files.

Trial Version

I downloaded a trial version. Is the functionality limited?
No, all trial versions are fully functional for the entire duration of the trial period.


I used the trial version and just bought TNM. Do I need to reinstall?
No - all you need to do is enter your registration code by selecting "Register" and then "Enter Registration Code" off the main menu.

I just ordered something. When do I get my registration code?
Registration codes are sent out within one business day at the very latest. Since we are based in Europe, you might be ordering in the middle of the night our time :-)

Last updated: August 9, 2020