What Is TNM?

TNM is a Wrestling Simulator

Picture yourself as the booker of your own promotion or promotions. You decide whom to hire. You decide which matches you put on which cards. Who gets the title shots? Who debuts? Your call.

The difference between a wrestling simulator and a game is that you don't actually play out the matches yourself. TNM does that for you and gives you the play-by-play as it happens.

TNM has been around for 25 years

Development on TNM started in 1992 with the idea of creating a computer program which is able to randomly create 16-man singles elimination tournaments and act them out.

By the time the World Wide Web started gaining popularity in 1995, TNM had already matured to where it came with a wrestler editor and several more match types from tag team matches to elimination matches to battle royals and more. So when TNM 5 saw its first public release in 1995, it had already grown beyond just tournaments.

Since then, its focus has always remained on match play-by-play and circuits, bucking the trend of other wrestling simulators which often focused more on the business aspect behind running a wrestling promotion. Its plugin interface has allowed for both in-house and third-party extensions to the program's capabilities.

TNM is an "Unprecedented Concept"

TNM's match simulation engine remains virtually unchallenged in the genre, and the program itself as late as 2017 has been called an "unprecedented concept, and one that allowed for an even more unlimited set of possibilities" (Marcus K. Dowling, medium.com).

TNM is a text-based program

Due to its immense complexity and keyboard-heavy user interface, TNM has never been turned into a Windows program and hence needs to run in a virtual machine to function on modern Windows operating systems.

In the past few years, TNM has been optimized to work with the excellent DOS emulator DOSBOX and in early 2018, a ready-to-run version of TNM 7 Second Edition with DOSBOX configured optimally first got released to the public.

The biggest difference between running in an emulator and running on the operating system itself is that TNM runs in a sandbox in DOSBOX, meaning it has no access to any of Windows' features, nor can it launch Windows programs.

This is relevant because for the past 15 years, all new TNM plugins have been Windows-based and have been launched from inside TNM itself. However, at the time of writing, this problem has been solved and all relevant plugin functionality has been restored in Windows 10.

TNM circuits often run for many years

Being your own booker can be addictive. Many TNM users have run the same circuits for a decade and more, and quite a few have published their circuits on the Internet over the years.

Our own "TNM WWF Circuit" has been one of TNM7.com's most popular sections whenever it was online, and due to popular demand, it is back - and will be continued.

A closer look

To get a better idea about the full scope of what you can do with TNM, please refer to the TNM 7 Second Edition Manual (PDF format).

Last updated: August 9, 2020