For 25 years, TNM has been the gold standard for the simulation of pro wrestling matches.
    Create your own circuits, hire wrestlers, schedule cards and follow along as the action unfolds.

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Export File Wizard Now Imports TNM TE Files

The Export File Wizard plugin has become incredibly popular among TNM users because it gives you complete control over which moves and dives are imported from large files and helps you keep your move database clean.

If an export file contains a move which you already have in your database under a different name, you are easily able to remap the move before importing.

This new update adds the capability of importing wrestler export files created in TNM Tournament Edition.


JNPO: Interview With Oliver Copp

TNM creator Oliver Copp recently appeared on Josh Nason's JNPO podcast at F4WOnline.com to talk about the past 15 years - what he had been up to with the UFC and WWE, his current commentary gig filling in on the German version of AEW Dynamite, and how AEW was directly responsible for TNM coming back in 2020. Head on over if you're a member.


TNM Tournament Edition Video Review

The YouTube channel Rybolt recently created a video review and showcase for TNM Tournament Edition.

The nuts, the bolts, the surprises, the good things and the bad things through the eyes of first-time users - feedback doesn't get any more genuine than that.

Thank you, Dominic and Chris!


TNM Tournament Edition Released

We are happy to announce the release of our first TNM designed entirely for Windows, TNM Tournament Edition. Four base tournament types, ten thousands of different tournament configurations, and an infinite number of ways how they can turn out.

Use the exclusive pack of 16 Fantasy Wrestlers which were created for TNM Tournament Edition, import any TNM 7 export files - or import your current TNM 7 SE databases and hit the ground running.


TNM 7 SE Build 11 Released

This release contains a few bugfixes, quality-of-life fixes, and an old friend is back.

- Returning: The Visualizer is back! Fans of this classic feature can activate it in
                   Options and assign images with the Visualizer Image Wizard plugin.
- Updated: Counters are now weight-gated, if at least one is available that fits
                  the opponent's weight class.
- Updated: Some tweaks were made which make matches between very
                  tall/heavy wrestlers and very small/light wrestlers run better.


TNM Tournament Edition Announced

On July 1, "TNM Tournament Edition" will be released for Windows.

As an homage to TNM's casual gaming roots, Tournament Edition will focus on designing and running tournaments from elimination tournaments and round robins to G1s and even tournaments under Swiss rules. Your imagination is the limit.

Sign up for the TNM Newsletter for exclusive details and watch this space and TNM's official accounts on Twitter and facebook for more information.


TNM 7 SE Export File Wizard Gets A Batch Mode

Are you sick and tired of importing a large number of export files one by one? Select an export file... click "Yes" for every wrestler... confirm you really want to import that wrestler... rinse... repeat. Well - that ends now.

With the latest update to the Export File Wizard plugin, you now have "Batch Import" mode available for when you need to just get importing over with. You pick the files, the Wizard does the work, no questions asked.

This is a free update to all registered users of the plugin.


TNM 7 SE Enhancement Talent Generator Updated

Your go-to for quickly generating a whole batch of wrestlers just got a whole lot better as it no longer just for generating enhancement talent.

With its new "Settings" page, you can adjust the range of values assigned for wrestlers' four core attributes - work rate, push, stamina, and charisma -, the number of moves you wish to have assigned and even what damage range the moves assigned will be allowed to be in.


TNM 7 SE Wrestler Comparison Wizard Released

The Wrestler Comparison Wizard lets you quickly compare wrestlers from up to three sources which can be export files or your internal TNM wrestler database.

Find out in seconds how your wrestler differs from the export files you have downloaded and make an informed decision whether you want to update without going through the hassle of having to rename your existing wrestler, import the new one and then going back and forth, comparing everything about them.

This plugin will save you tons of headaches, and it is long overdue.



Oliver Bateman recently wrote an article for "MEL Magazine" which tackles the topic of fantasy sports - something suddenly very relevant again in the age of staying at home.

The author is quick to point out how fantasy sports saved his life - but that it wasn't the kind of fantasy sports people may think about.

From the Internet Wrestling Community of old to e-feds, "Out of the Park Baseball", and TNM, the author takes the reader down memory lane.


TNM 7 SE Build 10c Released

This release contains a few bugfixes, quality-of-life fixes and lays the groundwork for Build 11.

- Updated: Wrestlers now enter to their themes during Royal Rumbles,
                  thus making Rumbles more fun to watch
- Updated: Two places where DOSBOX behaved differently than DOS, causing
                  rare crashes
- Fixed: Wrestler exit themes now play properly again


New And Updated Export Files Released

TNM UK recently released the following export files:

AEW: QT Marshall, Big Swole, and Shanna,

WWE/NXT: The Fiend (updated), Goldberg (updated), Dominik Dijakovic, and Brad Maddox,

Impact: Johnny Swinger,

NWA: Ashley Vox, CW Anderson, Sal Rinauro, and Tasha Steelz.


TNM 7 SE Enhancement Talent Generator Released

Need to generate some enhancement talent for your TNM? Look no further. Select the number of wrestlers you need, which genders they should have and what geographic areas their names and locations should be tailored to.

Happy with the results? Three clicks and the wrestlers are in your TNM database. Want to swap out some wrestlers? Click them, then hit "Generate" again. It's that easy.


NWA Wrestler Pack Released

TNM UK just released a new wrestler export file with 26 all-new and updated wrestlers from the National Wrestling Alliance.

It contains: Allysin Kay, Aron Stevens, Caleb Konley, Colt Cabana, Dave Dawson, Eddie Kingston, Eli Drake, Homicide, James Storm, Marti Belle, Melina, Mr. Anderson, Nick Aldis, ODB, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson, Ricky Starks, Royce Isaacs, Scott Steiner, The Question Mark, Thom Latimer, Thunder Rosa, Tim Storm, Trevor Murdoch, Zane Dawson, and Zicky Dice.


TNM WWF Circuit Returns

In 1995, TNM creator Oliver Copp began running a fantasy WWF circuit for his own enjoyment. It consists of over 350 cards so far and demonstrates well how TNM evolved over the years.

It disappeared from TNM7.com when the site received a relaunch in 2018 - but due to popular demand, it is now back.

And it will be updated again.


TNM 7 SE Referral Program Launches

Want to help get the word out that TNM is back? Obviously you will have my gratitude but I'd like to say "thank you" in a more tangible way. If you sign up to the TNM 7 SE Referral Program, get word out to your friends and a friend uses your referral code, you will earn a free plugin every time your code is used.

In the mood to join in? Fill out the form and you're good to go!

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TNM 7 SE Build 10b Released

This release contains a few bugfixes, quality-of-life fixes and a new feature.

- Added: Wrestlers now enter to their themes during Royal Rumbles, thus making
  Rumbles more fun to watch
- Fixed: Battle Royals/Royal Rumbles now once again work with more than
  20 wrestlers
- Changed: TNM's window is returned to the position at which you saved it
  before looking for new plugins
- Changed: Installer's move database updater now ignores move capitalization
  and articles when determining what to update


TNM 7 SE Export File Wizard Released

TNM users like to curate their own databases to perfection. Importing somebody's else's export files and then having all sorts of moves and dives show up to mess things up - this was reality for many, many years. It ends now. With the new Export File Wizard plugin, you take full control over what you import. Only need two wrestlers out of the 500 in a file? No problem - TNM only imports the bare minimum it needs to make them work. Somebody duplicated a move you already have in your database under a different name? No problem - just have the Export File Wizard remap it during import. No hyperbole: This is a game changer!


TNM 7 SE Build 10 Released

This is the biggest, most substantial update to TNM in more than a decade.

- Runs on any version of Windows
- Ring intros and entrance music are back - and with a twist
- Huge update to move database: now comes with 750 curated moves
- All-new installer which can import any previous TNM version
- New options to control the size and position of your program window
- Tons of small updates and tweaks to the match engine and the play-by-play
- New plugin: TNM 7 SE Entrance Music Wizard (... with three more on the way -
  subscribe to the TNM Newsletter for the scoop and early access)


TNM 7 SE Entrance Music Wizard Released

Imagine being able to adjust all your themes to the same loudness in one click. Imagine being able to use theme formats not natively supported by Windows such as M4A, Ogg Vorbis and Opus. Imagine being able to bring some themes that just wouldn't work due to errors in the file back to life.

Managing an audio library can be a chore. The TNM 7 SE Entrance Music Wizard takes the grunt work out of it and brings you an easy-to-use one-stop solution - and you're done.


TNM 7 SE Theme Music Wizard Reloaded

The Theme Music Wizard plugin has been extremely popular for over a decade. The original, however, won't work with an emulator such as DOSBOX because the emulator locks you into your own folder. Running it just one time within any version of TNM inside an emulator would cause the plugin to wipe all your assigned themes clean because they were no longer accessible.

For this reason the original Theme Music Wizard plugin is now physically blocked from being run in TNM 7 SE Build 10. We've released a DOSBOX-compatible update called the Theme Music Wizard Reloaded. If you have previously owned the original Theme Music Wizard, please contact us for a replacement registration code.



TNM 7 Newsletter Returns - And So Will Ring Intros

With development having heated up again over the past year, we are bringing back the TNM Newsletter. Sign up on the top right of the screen to receive regular (four to twelve per year) updates whenever new TNM builds, plugins or wrestler export files are released - or whenever there is other important TNM-related news.

Without giving too much away: If you are one of the many who have sorely been missing ring introductions, you will like what's coming on New Year's Day. Ring intros will be back - and they are bringing friends.

Check back on January 1, 2020 to download TNM 7 SE Build 10.


TNM Classic Released

Unless you discovered TNM in 1995 or early 1996, you would have had no idea of its roots. What later would revolve around circuits, e-feds and booking cards was originally a way to quickly simulate different types of tournaments.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of TNM first being released to a select few in November 1994, we are re-releasing tournament mode as it was in TNM 5.2, released in 1995.


TNM 7 Second Edition: How To Get Started

With TNM's 25th anniversary coming up, there has been a surge of people either discovering TNM for the first time or returning to the program after a long time away.

There are no two ways about it: Getting started can be daunting... downloading and importing wrestlers, creating your first circuit - what's the quickest way to get it done?

For that reason, we have compiled a step-by-step guide which will help you get your first circuit running quickly and easily.

Ready to go (back) down the rabbit hole?


TNM 7 SE Wrestler Personality Wizard Out!

  • Tired Of Seeing The Same Wrestler Taunts Over & Over?
  • Assign Wrestlers As Many Heel & Face Taunts As You Want
  • Allows You To Override Default Taunts Per Alias

Every wrestler record in TNM has one global field for how a wrestler interacts with the crowd. If you'd like some of your wrestlers to have multiple ways of interacting with the crowd or perhaps would prefer them to only interact when working as a face or as a heel or perhaps even giving them multiple unique personalities, all this can be done through the Wrestler Personality Wizard.


TNM 7 SE Circuit History Plugin 1.23 Out

  • Detailed Title Histories - Who? When? How Long?
  • Quickly See Detailed Win-Loss Records For Any Wrestler - With Exact Match Results

Running a circuit for more than a few cards gets complicated. In order to streamline the booking process, the Circuit History plugin gives you all the tools you need to make more informed decisions. Who should get the next title shot? How do the top contenders stack up against each other? Who has beaten your champion before? Who held the title for the longest? Who were the recent champions? Who is the perfect opponent for you up-and-coming star? You have everything you need to make these decisions right at your fingertips.


TNM 7 SE Weight Class Wizard 1.93 Released

  • Split Up Your Rosters Into Multiple Brands
  • Limit Titles By Gender, Weight Class, Brand, ...
  • Show Ratings For Any Brand, Gender, Weight Class

The Weight Class Wizard drastically improves your control over your circuit compared to TNM's built-in mechanics. Separate your circuit roster into multiple brands and weight classes. Create a legends division where hand-picked wrestlers are measured against each other only. See ratings by weight class, brand and gender. Quickly find the wrestlers who have the best record against your champions.


TNM 7 SE Ratings Editor 1.0 Released!

  • Add, Edit, Delete Any Ratings Entry
  • Modify Number Of Wins, Losses, Draws And Length Of Streak

Your circuit's wrestler ratings are compiled automatically from the competitors' wins and losses. Yet, sometimes you'd like to have more control over the ratings. Perhaps you're planning to bring in a star from a different circuit and want to include his win-loss-record from the old circuit in your current one. Or you might want to give somebody an extra boost in the ratings through a win-streak. The Ratings Editor gives you full control over this process. But beware: What you say goes - all changes take effect right away.


Last updated: August 9, 2020