TNM 7 SE Circuit History 2.0

(C) Oliver Copp

Installation instructions:
Please unzip the downloaded ZIP file to the NEWPLUGS folder which is right inside your TNM 7 SE folder. Then start up TNM to install the plugin.

The TNM 7 SE Circuit History plugin puts the complete history of your circuits at your fingertips. Title histories, every match that every wrestler had against every other wrestler - find out exactly what you need.

Think for a minute what really makes TNM worthwhile for you. Most likely, you'll mention running circuits in some form.

TNM's own handling of how your wrestlers fare in their matches is rather basic. There's ratings, crude title histories and you can also look up all
the matches a wrestler had.

The Weight Class Wizard partially improves these features in TNM by giving you the top contenders to titles and how they rank against one another. Yet, that plugin's focus still is somewhat different.

That is where the new TNM 7 SE Circuit History plugin comes into play.

There's two ways in which you can use it.

You can either use it in ''Wrestler Record'' mode. There's a list of all your wrestlers on the left. Clicking a wrestler brings up a listing of how many wins, losses and draws he has had against every other wrestler, with his most positive record being at the top. This list can be filtered to consider only singles matches, only tag matches or both.

The program will also show a listing of all titles the wrestler has held, at what cards he won/lost the titles, who his partners were, how many cards he held the titles and how many defenses he had.

The other way is ''Title History'' mode which has a list of all titles with their disposition (singles, tag, six man, ...), how many title matches each has seen and how many title changes it has seen. Clicking a title will bring up a list of the title holders, beginning with the current one, including how many cards they held the title and how many title defenses they had. Also, a list is brought up of all match results where said title had been defended or - if selected - only the title changes. Clicking one of the title holders for a title will bring up only his personal title reign, beginning with the match where he won the title and ending with the match where he lost it.

If you plan on buying the Circuit History plugin, be sure download the Weight Class Wizard as well (see link above) because you will have full access to the functionality of the Circuit History plugin from the Weight Class Wizard as well, giving you a one-stop circuit data mining monster.

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Last updated: August 9, 2020