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TNM 7 SE Export File Wizard 1.5
(C) Oliver Copp

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Please unzip the downloaded ZIP file to the NEWPLUGS folder which is right inside your TNM 7 SE folder. Then start up TNM to install the plugin.


Being able to import other TNM users' creations has long been a staple of using TNM 7 SE. Many users see this as both a blessing and a curse.

It's a blessing because not everybody has to keep re-inventing the wheel. When Peter from TNM UK releases a new wrestler export file, everybody wants to be able to use these new wrestlers right away. It's really convenient not having to create every wrestler on your own, one major reason being that small details of which the average user isn't aware can turn a wrestler who works okay in TNM into somebody who works on every level.

The downside of importing somebody else's work was that you had no control over the moves, dives and so on that were exported with the wrestlers in question.

Heck - you weren't even told which moves, dives, managers etc. had been imported so the best you could do was compare a list of the moves you had before the import to the moves after the import.

And let's not even talk about wanting to import only one guy from a file of 1,000 and ending up with all 1,000 wrestlers' additional moves in your database... not good.

This ends now.

The TNM 7 SE Export File Wizard lets you select which wrestlers you want to import. Then it reduces everything in the export file to the bare minimum you need to import to make them usable.

Then it shows you all moves, dives, managers and tag teams that will be imported in conjunction with the wrestlers you wish to import. And finally you get an opportunity to remap new moves and dives that the wrestlers use in the file to moves you already have in your move and dive databases.

This comes in particularly handy if you are among those who renamed parts of the moves in TNM's reference database so you end up with - for instance - Gordon Solie's names for the moves instead of late-80s-WWF move names.

Version 1.3 adds a much-requested batch mode in which you select as many export files as you wish to import and the plugin will just get it done, no questions asked.

Version 1.5 adds the capability to import wrestler export files generated in TNM Tournament Edition.

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