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New features in TNM 7 Second Edition:

  1. Matches
    1. Match Types
      • Tag Team Battle Royals
      • Tag Team Elimination Matches
      • I Quit Matches with corner persons
      • Battle Royals for titles
      • Three-way and four-way gimmick matches
      • Handicap Matches with up to 10 vs 9 wrestlers (added 06/25)
    2. Finishes
      • New situations for DQs, double DQs.
      • Introduction of no contests.
      • Champions can use their title belts to get an advantage.
    3. Moves
      • Illegal non-submission moves.
      • Special moves: "leads to finisher" and "illegal" checkboxes affect the matches properly in all cases.
    4. Referees
      • Expanded referee interaction with the combatants.
      • Heel referees
      • Face referees
      • Head referee
      • Referees can be pulled in the way of a move by heel.
      • Biased referees and special referees.
      • Stand-by referees in case a referee is bumped and out for a prolonged period of time.
    5. Match Progression
      • Several new spots inside the matches.
      • Spots for masked wrestlers.
      • Spots in Battle Royals
      • Over-the-top-rope DQs
      • Injuries are now indicated during the match and may cut it short.
      • Prematch injuries influence matches.
      • Wrestlers who get in the ring more than once per card will suffer from fatigue and may thus lose matches that they would have won in TNM 7 First Edition
      • Spots with announcers' table (outside).
    6. Misc
      • Overall rating for a card will be computed.
  2. Databases
    1. Wrestlers
      • New attribute: skinning the cat (holding on to the top rope and pulling oneself back in)
      • New attribute: springs up (kip up la Shawn Michaels / The Rock)
      • More sophisticated nickname handling - custom placement of nicknames for ring introductions
    2. Referees
      • New attributes: heel, face
      • New attribute: head referee
    3. Cloning (added 06/25)
      • You can now create new wrestler, move, manager, dive, tag team, stable and referee records starting over with stats of an existing entity. Make different versions of the same wrestler for different time periods in the blink of an eye!
  3. Booking
    1. Finishes
      • Ability to book a wrestler to win via pinfall or submission without specifying how.
      • Booking a finish without giving a time for it.
      • Booked finishes will now happen in Falls Count Anywhere matches when the wrestlers are on the outside.
    2. Scheduling
      • Schedule tournaments which are seeded according to the ratings.
      • Select the participants for a tournament, then have it seeded according to the ratings (added 06/25).
      • When putting the winners of matches into Battle Royals, teams where one man is injured see the non-injured members inserted into the Battle Royal; if there was a draw leading in to the Battle Royal, it still takes place albeit with fewer wrestlers. TNM 7 First Edition didn't know how to handle this.
      • Ability to assign specific referee to a certain match.
      • Special referees now have all the attributes regular referees have, including their orientation (face, heel).
  4. Circuit Maintenance
    1. Titles
      • Titles can be rearranged in a circuit (to shift importance).
      • Limit on the number of titles has been eliminated.
    2. Rosters
      • Print roster to file.
    3. Hiring And Contracts
      • Backing out of the hiring process is now possible.
      • "-" key brings up wrestler profile like in booking mode.
    4. Wrestlers
      • When changing a wrestler's name, he keeps his win-loss-record now.
    5. HTML Gateway
      • Unlimited cards starting with the same five characters can correctly be translated into HTML; there was a 255-card limit in TNM 7 First Edition for cards starting with the same five characters.

  5. Customization Options (require TNM TweakCirc Second Edition)
    1. Configuration options for matches
      • Probabilities for covers inside submission moves
      • Enable/disable over the top rope DQs.
      • Turn disqualifications for illegal moves on or off.
      • Influencing the pacing of the match:
        • Time Progression: influence how quickly time goes by; adapts your circuit to the pacing of your choice.
        • Hit Factor: increase or decrease the damage done to wrestlers during matches.
        • Use these two to increase or decrease the number of moves that can be done in a certain period. Great for creating more slowly-paced circuits or quick highflying circuits.
      • Overruling whether or not finisher can be done outside of the ring in FCA matches
      • Allow for title changes despite no-shows - if the champion no-shows, you can have the title up for grabs just as well as if a challenger no-shows.
      • Should your champions be allowed to have a "golden way" of winning when in despair? Turn belt shots during matches on or off, just as you wish.
    2. Cards
      • Write your notes after every match in addition to after the card; these notes are inserted directly into the match results ! Use this for in-show angles, beatdowns and observations.
      • Turn these notes on and off as you please.
      • Want to see your match results only ? No problem. The in-card notes can be switched off when necessary to give you the plain card results you know from TNM 7 First Edition.
    3. Hiring and contracts
      • Card multipliers - contracts in TNM 7 usually run for up to 52 cards; many users prefer to run more than one card per month; the card multiplier indicates how many cards are run every month; a 52-card contract will become a contract for 260 cards if the card multiplier is set to 5 cards per month.
      • Customize quitting, giving notice - will it happen only once per month of cards or on every card ?
    4. Queues
      • View your wrestlers' queues.
      • Modify your wrestlers' queues.
    5. Interference
      • Turn random interference on and off on a circuit level.
      • Probability of random interference can be increased/decreased by the user as desired.
      • Highlight interference during match play-by-play for easier spotting.
    6. Mask Spots
      • Turn them on or off on a circuit level.
      • Configure how often they take place in your circuit.
    7. Injuries
      • Option to turn off injuries completely for your circuit.
      • Configure how often injuries occur.
    8. Ref Bumps
      • Turn them on or off in your circuit, your call.
      • Influence how likely they are.
    9. Scheduling
      • Configure booking defaults - you will never have to switch them on or off again for every match:
        • General
          • Hardcore
          • Countouts
          • Disqualifications
          • No Time Limit
          • Standard Time Limit
          • Outside Interference
          • Book Match
          • Gimmick Match
          • Assign Referee
          • Non-Title Match
          • Top Contenders Match
          • Title Change On DQ/Countout
          • Ban Managers
          • Loser Leaves Town
          • Assign Match Name
        • Match Viewing
          • Watch Match
          • Skip Match
          • Finish Only
          • Join In Progress
        • Type Of Match
          • 1 Fall
          • 2/3 Falls
          • Death Match
          • Iron Man Match
        • Keep Play-By-Play
        • Title Matches Despite No-Shows
    10. Ratings
      • Ignore title bonuses in global ratings - makes them more comparable.
      • Generation:
        • Adjust bonuses for wins.
        • Adjust points deducted for losses.
        • Adjust bonuses for winning streaks.
        • Adjust how much titleholders benefit in the ratings.
    11. Time Limits
      • For the first time ever, you can control time limits for every match type - and on a circuit level:
        • Singles Matches
        • Tag Team Matches
        • X-Person Tag Matches
        • Handicap Matches
        • Triangle Matches
        • Four-Way Matches
        • WarGames - First Period
        • WarGames - Other Periods
        • Royal Rumble Periods - now in seconds for even greater control
      • ... or assign one time limit for all matches.
      • You can choose to combine these time limits with those from the main options menu, i.e.
        • One-Fall
        • Two-out-of-three Falls
        • Iron Man
        • Death Match
      • Set average match time on circuit level to override the global setting.
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