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I've been asked time and again "What is this all about ?", "Where do you get all these fake cards ?" and "Why the f@!$ are you lying to us ?".

Most often, these statements are in reference to the "TNM WWF Circuit" I've been running since early 1995.

Back in February of 1995, I took the preliminary WrestleMania card and had TNM V4.3 sim it.

Obviously, since the lineup was preliminary, it was somewhat different from the WrestleMania XI which eventually went down - both in terms of the matches on the card as well as in terms of the results.

I took what TNM gave me and tried to follow up on the TNM-generated WrestleMania XI with cards booked in a logical manner.

Essentially, this is how the TNM WWF Circuit was born. I enjoyed playing booker so much that I quickly found myself in the year 2000 and beyond.

The TNM WWF Circuit also shows how much TNM really progressed since early 1995. The first cards only had singles and tag team matches with very few options and no other match types. It couldn't even save the match finishes back then. SummerSlam '97 was the first time that a finish was saved.

The first "Royal Rumble" card to actually have a Royal Rumble match wasn't until the year 2009. The first actual Elimination Match took place at the "Survivor Series 2010". There are many more examples - find out for yourself.

In short, the TNM WWF Circuit is a history of the various TNM versions.

Also, I didn't ever plan on making this circuit available to the public, and therefore I only started adding post-card comments with the "September Slaughter in MSG" card which took place in 1997 (game time). When I created the "HTML Tree Feature" which allows you to publish your circuits through the Web for TNM V6.2plus, the countless hours I spent creating the circuit finally made sense.

There are a few things which need to be mentioned because so many keep asking me them:

  • not once have I predetermined a match in this circuit; I took what TNM gave me and worked from there,
  • the circuit is updated as I find the time to create new cards,
  • you can't take over the circuit from me,
  • TNM is run in "regular mode" meaning that I deal with contracts; if somebody quits, I accept it
The TNM WWF Circuit is split up into two sections. The first one doesn't get any cards added to it anymore because it's full. The second is updated as I find the time.

Since these sections are generated automatically, they do not have the same layout as the rest of this site.

[Part 1]     [Part 2]

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